Nova Scotia Agrees to Join the Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System

April 10, 2019

The Council of Ministers of the Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System (CCMR or Cooperative System) is pleased to welcome Nova Scotia to the CCMR with its signing of the Memorandum of Agreement. Nova Scotia joins British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Yukon as well as the federal government as a participant in the CCMR.

Jurisdictions participating in the CCMR are committed to working together towards implementation of the Cooperative System following the November 9, 2018 Supreme Court of Canada decision confirming the constitutionality of key elements of the CCMR.

The Council of Ministers continues to invite other provinces and territories to participate in the Cooperative System — and come together, with a complementary role for the federal government, to modernize Canada’s capital markets, make them more competitive and better protect investors. Participating jurisdictions are committed to implementing the CCMR in a manner that is respectful of non-participating jurisdictions and that provides certainty to market participants.

Participating jurisdictions are reviewing the timelines for the launch of the Cooperative System to ensure a smooth and secure transition for market participants. The participating jurisdictions will provide an update on the anticipated launch at a future date.



Scott Blodgett
Communications Branch, Ministry of Finance, Government of Ontario

Media Relations
Department of Finance Canada


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