Capital Markets Regulatory Authority Executive Management Team Announced

January 26, 2017 – Kevan Cowan, CEO of the Capital Markets Regulatory Authority Implementation Organization (CMAIO) has announced the initial management team that will lead the work to operationalize a cooperative regulator, the Capital Markets Regulatory Authority (CMRA) in Canada.

The new team was recruited from staff from the British Columbia Securities Commission and the Ontario Securities Commission. Joining Mr. Cowan and Keith Persaud, Chief Administrative Officer of the CMAIO, are:

Pamela McDonald, Head of Communications
Frank Panzetta, Head of Finance
Linda Cowan, Head of Information Services
Joe Annibale, Head of Facilities

“This marks another important milestone for the CMRA,” said Kevan Cowan. “I’m pleased to
welcome this talented group of professionals who bring a wealth of expertise to this important
project. I look forward to working with them as we transition to a new cooperative regulator for

In addition, the CMAIO has recruited two specialists from the British Columbia Securities
Commission and the Ontario Securities Commission. Lee Hollister and Tarun Patel will provide
dedicated project management support .

The CMAIO ( was incorporated on behalf of the Participating Jurisdictions
(British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Yukon and
Canada) in July 2015 as an interim body. Its purpose is to assist in the transition to and
implementation of the CMRA.




Biographical Notes

Pamela McDonald, Head of Communications

Prior to joining the CMAIO Pamela McDonald was the Director of Communications and
Education at the British Columbia Securities Commission. A seasoned communications
professional with over twenty-five years of experience in the communications and public affairs
professions, she has provided strategic communications counsel to senior corporate and
government executives, and Boards of Directors on all aspects of a company’s business. Ms.
McDonald has extensive experience working in senior communications and public affairs roles
in the private and public sectors, having worked at TELUS and the B.C. Transmission
Corporation, as well as with the B.C. Olympic Games Secretariat and as an advisor to former
Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

Joe Annibale, Head of Facilities
Joe Annibale was Manager, Administration for the Ontario Securities Commission, where he has
been directing the Commission’s facilities management services, real estate lease negotiations,
renovation projects, insurance program, and procurement program, among other corporate
administrative responsibilities. Prior to joining the Ontario Securities Commission, Mr. Annibale
held the role Manager, Finance and Administration for the Information Technology Division
with the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations.

Linda Cowan, Head of Information Systems
Linda Cowan was in the Chief Information Officer role at the BCSC for 4 years where she was
managing the Information Management, Data Governance, and Technology teams in defining
strategies that align with the business. Previous to joining the British Columbia Securities
Commission, Ms Cowan held IT Management positions at KPMG Canada, Canadian Venture
Exchange and the Vancouver Stock Exchange.

Frank Panzetta, Head of Finance
Frank Panzetta started with CMAIO in January 2017 in the role of Head Finance. Frank was
previously with the Ontario Securities Commission in the role of Controller since 1999,
managing the Commission’s Finance function. Prior to joining the Commission, Frank held
managerial roles in Accounting and Finance in industry.

Lee Hollister, PMO Transition Program Lead
Lee Hollister was the Manager of Systems Development at the British Columbia Securities
Commission (BCSC). She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with 15 yrs of
experience in managing complex programs. Prior to joining the BCSC she held Program
Management and Project Management positions at BlackBerry and Bell.

Tarun Patel, Transition Project Manager
Tarun Patel was a Senior Research Analyst at the OSC where he was responsible for providing
project and analytical support to the OSC’s different policy branches. He was previously at the
Ministry of Finance and ServiceOntario working in various research and project management
roles. Prior to entering the public sector Tarun worked in the private sector, first as a
management consultant at one of the Big 4 firms and later in business and operations strategy at
a Silicon Valley tech firm.